Nifty Live EOD Chart

Thursday, March 5, 2015

NIFTY FUTURE LEVELS : તારીખ 05-03-2015

downside  upper
8940 8988
8917 9011
8893 9035
8870 9059
8846 9083
8823 9107
8799 9130
8776 9154
8752 9178
8729 9202
8706 9226

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Now this is the time to calculate how much u earned ... and what, where and how u can invest your earned money ....

1. Year earning ratio is 1:4 i.e. if u have invested 1 lakh rupees then u earned 4 lakh
rupees .....

2. Don't be aggressive for making money and be aggressive for maintaining money ...

3. Always decide how much u wanna to earn from 1 lakh ...

4. Don't tell anybody how much u earned and by what means ...

5. Remember money u made is taxable and legal ... so do pay tax as much u r suppose to
pay... consult chartered accountant for same ...

6. Also remember to spend money where it is necessary like social activities, family, friends ...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

My Views & Tips for free to get more money .....

How to earn from IPOS ???

  • Take overview of the company i.e. type of company, earnings from website.
  • Take review of company from Experts.
  • Also compnys origin should be checked.
  • Give up delivery same day of listing if you are getting more than 20% profit of the total investment.
  • If scrip is going down from the opening rate then give up delivery & if it is running up the opening prize then wait for more profit. (Take experts advice)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wanna to Earn money ... then Invest....this is the right choice baby....

Yes dear if u wanna to earn money then ...

1. Become Investor first...

2. Never get tips or follow tips without ur own study...

3. Never invest in fundamentaly weak scrips/company.

To get profit & not to add tension invest in the fundamentaly good


4. Be confident but always avoid over confidence.

5. Do deolivery base tradig to get the double benifit.

6. Short selling is the great concept to get profit even the market is coming

down. (Get the experts advice for the short selling)

7. Never advice others or take acvice of others.

But give suggessitons and accept suggessions.

8. Always avoid confusion and be cautious.

9. Do not buy more than that of open margin in cash. That will be more safer

if prize goes down. (For intraday traders)